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Business English



Ideas about careers. Making contact. The head of a public relations company. Selling and shopping online. Virtual pocket money. The developer of an online bookshop. Reaching agreement. Types of companies. The sales manager of a motorcycle manufacturer. Presenting your company. Great ideas. An interview with a managing director. Successful meetings. Stress. Gender-related qualities. Ranking successful jobs. An authority on stress management. Entertaining An expert on corporate entertaining. Greetings and small talk. Organising a conference. Marketing ideas. Selling dreams. Exchanging information. Relaunch a product. Sales leaflet. Planning. The leader of expeditions to mountains. Interrupting and clarifying. Qualities and skills of a good manager. Socialising and entertaining. Improve ways of working togethe.r Conflict Negotiating styles. Dealing with a conflic.t New business. Dealing with numbers. Interview with a consultant to new business. Products Presenting a product Innovative products for a store.

Grammatika: Modals: ability, requests and offers. Modals: must, need to, have to, should. Present simple and present continuous. Verb and noun combination. Past simple and past continuous. Past simple and past perfect. Multi-word verbs. Word partnership.s Questions. Future (plan, hope, expect, would like, want, going to, present continuous). Verbs and prepositions. Reported speech. Conditionals. Word building. Time clauses. Adjectives for products. Passives.





Ideas about globalisation. Financial Times. Entering new markets. Telephone calls. Brands. Authentic product promotions. Fashion piracy. Meetings. Travel. A promotional letter. A customer services traine.r Making arrangements. Advertising. Outdoor advertising. Starting presentations. Employment. The most important qualities for job candidates. Managing meetings. Trade. Imported and exported goods. A letter of credit. Negotiating. Innovation. The most famous inventors. Presenting. Organisation. Status symbols. Flexibility in the workplace. A project manager. Socialising. Money. Attitudes to money. Stock market speculations. Dealing with figures. Ethics. The most and least corrupt countries. Problem solving. Attitudes to change. Stressful situations. Strategy. An interview with an independent management consultant. The advantages and disadvantages of a merge.r Decision-making. Cultures. Cultural awareness in business. Leadership. Profile of a leading chief executive. Leading a team. Competition. Quality. Different ways of measuring quality. Customer services. Grammatika:

Comparison. Past simple and present perfect. English and American words. Countable and uncountable nouns. Articles. Questions. Conditions. Positive and negative words. Passives. Noun combinations. Narrating, reporting. Dependent prepositions. Modal verbs. Relative clauses. Future. Prepositions of time.


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